About Anna James

Founded by Anna Watson who has brought her 12 years of tailoring background to the forefront of her designs. Focusing on the traditional blazer Anna has turned a quite ordinary garment into an expressive, eye-catching and empowering piece. Each ready-to-wear garment is made from premium quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship and designed to be cherished and made to last.


Why a blazer? It was once said “to start a business choose one piece and do it really well”. Our one piece, a blazer. Blazers are essential; every woman should own a good blazer. Put on a blazer and you immediately feel elevated – you can break glass ceilings. That unforgettable feeling that you can take on the world! It is without doubt the ultimate hard working wardrobe piece.


With that in mind Anna set about designing and making blazers that are feel-good statement pieces. Each piece will stand the test of time while being versatile enough to work on multiple occasions. It is important that each piece not only has longevity but also personality.


For a personal touch the inside of selected blazers have been embroidered with Anna’s favourite empowering quotes. A unique and inspiring note to each of our customers.