We believe fashion isn’t necessarily about being on trend but instead more about finding one’s own individual style and making conscious purchases from brands that take a sustainable approach to their business. Which is why we have made every effort to work towards Anna James being a sustainable brand from our 100% recyclable packaging to using low impact material, deadstock and end of the line fabric which means that the waste and environmental impact of fabric is kept to a minimum.


Limited edition pieces are at the heart of our brand. We start with small quantities of each product and only make more if we know it’s in demand. This keeps our production less wasteful, and exclusive. We also audit each of our factories in the UK and Europe to ensure that the environment the workers are working in is of the highest standard and with ethical settings.


Reputation is of the upmost importance to Anna James, how we make others feel is what leaves a lasting impression. We aim to build a company with integrity, transparency, continual development and to only create what we love and believe in.